Thursday, August 7, 2014

Veggie Garden - Year 3

In our three years in our townhouse, we've realized some things....
  1. Our backyard is really shady
  2. No matter how hard we try to trim the giant trees, the leave still block most of the sun
  3. Tomato plants don't like shade
You probably sense a common theme, our attempt at gardening in the backyard has yielded sub-par results. This year, we almost didn't plant a vegetable garden since we can get organic veggies at the DeKalb Farmer's Market right down the road and since we've had sub-par results from our own attempts in the backyard. But last minute, we decided to try a few things in the front of our house in pots.

Our first large {ish} harvest from the garden:
Cubanelle peppers, Sun gold cherry tomatoes, Regular cherry tomato, and a Green Zebra tomato
We put together some yummy appetizers when my friend {and MOH} Ana Maria visited a few weeks ago.
That's two different types of crostini: Roasted heirloom tomatoes on goat cheese with a drizzle of honey, and pan fried cubanelle peppers on goat cheese. Both were delicious! When we made the cubannellle toasts again, we drizzled some honey on them too.

Our second harvest of tomatoes:
Green Zebra, Sun Golds, Cherry Tomatoes, and our first Black Cherry Tomato and Pink Thai tomato!

We made yummy flat breads for two nights out of those. Soooo delicious!
Tasty flatbread with our heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and
homemade french bread with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar
Soon we'll be harvesting our pimento pepper and trying to make pimento cheese for the first time! We've got a bunch of Cubanelles ready to harvest too, so we'll have to decide what to do with them this time. 


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