That's us. I'm Christa, and that's Greg. We're 20-somethings and both graduated from Georgia Tech with Biomedical Engineering degrees. In this {somewhat old} picture, we're visiting vineyards in western New York, that's where Greg is from. I'm a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia.

And that's where we've stayed, we bought our first house in Decatur, GA in 2011. It's a 3 story townhouse built in 1985 (yes, it's older than we are) and it's just outside Decatur Square. The house is in great shape, but we are definitely looking to update it and make it our own. We're DIYers, crafters, chefs, and cat enthusiasts, and we're not experts in any of it, but we're here to take you along on our adventures.

Those are our cats, Nutmeg and Lion. We adopted both in 2011; Nutmeg is the 3 year old baby kitten, and Lion is a 6 year old giant Maine Coon. They are pretty much spoiled rotten, we treat them like children. And luckily, they love each other!

Nutmeg's favorite hobby is to groom Lion's fur backwards... which prompts Lion to spend the next few hours fixing his fur {he's pretty obsessive about it}. Fortunately for Nutmeg, Lion is a very tolerant big brother.

We adopted both cats from Furkids, a no-kill animal shelter located in Atlanta. We've been volunteering with Furkids for about four years now, if you are in the Atlanta area, you should definitely check them out!

I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of Nutmeg and Lion as they hinder help out in our adventures with our house and in Decatur.

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  1. you guys! This is awesome! Plus I finally get to see pictures of your new house, of which I am completely jealous. Miss you both and hope to see you soon (you know early jan when I will be state side again...)
    mucho love!


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