We'll be adding links to all of the projects that we do as we do them! So check back soon for our latest adventures!

DIY Home Improvement Chalkboard Refrigerator and Dishwasher
Concealed Kitty Litter Box- Part 1
Concealed Kitty Litter Box- Part 2
Buffet into Alcohol and Coffee Bar- coming soon!
Removing Cabinets Over Island
Mission: DIY Cat Tree
To Paint or Not To Paint?
Food First Attempt at Meat Smoker and Future Modifications
Fresh Baked Bread
Award Winning Chili
Totally Homemade Paninis
Crafts Chalkboard Margarita Glasses
Outdoor Makeovers The Sunny South
Vegetable Garden Plans
Veggie Garden Construction- coming soon!
Veggie Garden Planting
Super Secret Outdoor Project!


  1. What part of the country are you from? We're from Nebraska and will also be experimenting with raised bed vegetable gardening this season. Our last frost date is May 10 so I'm just starting my seeds this weekend. Thanks for posting pictures and info about your garden project-- it's helpful to compare what others are doing.

    Just noticed your link for diy cat tree--I'll have to check that out.

    Best of luck with your garden!

    1. Thanks! We're in Decatur, GA. We've had great warm weather this year, so we got started a little early! Good luck getting yours started!

      Check out the update we'll be posting to the DIY cat trees later this week, our kitties love them so much more now!


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