Future Projects

We keep coming up with new ideas and projects- so many we're starting to lose track of them all! And I get super excited about all the new ones and want to share them, so I decided to create this page- our future projects! If I got the inspiration from somewhere, I'll include a link, otherwise you'll just have to wait til we get started to see what I'm talking about :)

  1. Outdoor Pallet Table
  2. Pallet Chair
  3. Burlap Wreath (done)
  4. Rain Barrel (done)
  5. Remodel Entryway (done)
  6. Deck Cabinet
  7. Paint Kitchen Cabinets {eventually...}
  8. Garage Make Over
  9. Tiled Back-splash in Kitchen
  10. Wood Arbor over Front Door (done)
  11. Half Bath Make Over
  12. Tailgate Grill Maintenance
  13. Front Yard Make Over (done)
  14. Basement Redo
  15. Places we've been map

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