Friday, August 10, 2012

The moment we've all been waiting for....

No, not a completed laundry room. We've still gotta pull the washer and dryer back out and put the finishing touches on there. This is our new furniture! Well really it's old furniture, from Greg's parents, but it's new to us! Well at least me, Greg grew up with most of it.

That's my new mixer stand! It's awesome. I've used it soo much already. It's nice to finally have it down where I can easily get to it. Instead of it's previous resting spot- on top of the refrigerator. How did I get it down you might ask.....

Christa: Greg... I want to make pizza dough (or insert other dough, dessert, etc).... I can't reach the mixer....
Greg: Okay... I'll be there in a few minutes.
....wait approximately 30 seconds.....
Christa: Has it been a few minutes yet?
...Greg pulls down mixer....

 Yeah, you get the picture. Mixer stored high where I can't reach it = unhappy Greg, especially if I'm in a baking mood for a few days in a row.

Our new hutch! It has 2 shelves that I hadn't put in yet when I took this picture. I haven't decided exactly what we'll store in the open portion of it. But it has 3 drawers below which are great storage! 
Drawer 1- Placemats, finally a place to put these!
Drawer 2- Tupperware. Now my cabinets under the island can finally be organized!
Drawer 3- Platters.

 Isn't the stained glass pretty? I may have to find a way to install some lights inside so you can see them. Right now you can only appreciate them when the doors are open. Oh, and of course Nutmeg had to inspect the new furniture. Nosey kitty...

 Even though the bench had been sitting there for 3 or so days at this point, Lion of course had to examine it right in the middle of all of my pictures! It's a bench made from an old horse carriage. It's a nice way to add a little additional seating in the living room.

The pie safe! Isn't it pretty? The lamp may or may not end up there, we'll see. We have some decorating ahead of it.
It has tons of storage inside too- see?

And there's still more to come as we move things in from the garage and get them set-up!

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  1. The furniture looks great!! I know ya'll are excited about it. That was very nice of Andy and Deloris to bring ya'll such great stuff!


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