Wednesday, June 18, 2014

....and we're back!

The Kiss- October 5, 2013 at the Avondale Lake House. Photos compliments of Holly Jones Photo
So now that our life has {somewhat} settled down, we thought we'd give blogging another shot. Just based on what our current interests are, I'm guessing we'll have some big DIY projects, some minor ones, some cooking, and some posts just about our lives. And probably some catch up posts to capture what we've been up to in the past {almost} 2 years!  

Here's what has developed into while we were absent: 
Personal Life- 
  • Get engaged 
  • Plan a wedding 
  • Get married 
  • Get back to home improvement and fun stuff {in progress!} 

Photo compliments of Holly Jones Photo

House {Outside}- 
  • Get a contractor to build an awning/arbor over our front door 
  • Get new lighting fixture for front door 
  • Get a new front door! (& hardware) 
  • Add flower boxes to the window 
  • Pressure wash driveway & stairs 
  • Repaint stairs 
  • Repair & repaint metal railings 
  • Pressure wash & re-stain deck 
  • Pressure wash & re-stain fence and bulkhead for garden 
  • Fix rain barrel 
  • Clean up & organize lower patio 
  • Make the yard prettier (add slate chips to "checkboard pattern" & grow grass on the other half) 
  • Turn old garden beds into a "cutting garden" (since we don't get enough sun for veggies) 
  • Plant herb garden and a few cherry tomatoes out front 
  • Plant tomatoes and other veggies out front 

House {Inside}- 
  • Paint kitchen cabinets (yeah, I know, we still haven't made a final decision there) 
  • Demo and redo half bath 
  • Get new living room furniture (couch, DIY a console?, 2 arm chairs, coffee table) 
  • Paint walls on main level (& both stairwells) 
  • Stain stair rails with a dark wood stain 
  • Pick out new dining room table + 4 chairs + 1 bench {wedding gift from Greg's parents} 
  • Wedding picture collage wall 
  • Decorate Master Bedroom/DIY some new furniture
  • Basement- Rearrange. Create a wine bar. Make a fly fishing area for Greg.  Decorate with art.

So with all of that said, we'll be back soon with more fun stuff about what's been happening in our lives, including DIY stuff, cooking, traveling, cats, and whatever else happens to happen!

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