Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To paint or not to paint?

So we are thinking about painting the kitchen cabinets because we aren't a huge fan of them, so we think sprucing them up with some color might help. We are already planning on taking down the cabinets above the island and replacing them with some open shelving, so they will work perfectly for testing out colors.

So we headed over to Home Depot, and looked at paint colors and choose 3 colors we thought we might like, and got samples at $3 each. We already had some paint rollers left over from the chalkboard painting project, and the previous home owners left primer in the garage, so we didn't have to buy any other supplies.
From left to right, the colors are Martha Stewart's Winter's Day, Martha Stewart's Glass of Milk, and Behr's Spartan Stone.  Still undecided at this point, I think Glass of Milk will look nice with the black hardware options, but might look too white against our walls, which are also white. So I'm leaning between the Winter's Day and Spartan Stone. 
 Winter's Day
 Glass of Milk
 Spartan Stone
I think we are both leaning towards spartan stone with the beaded curved black hardware, what do you think?

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