Monday, January 9, 2012

Snapped the button on your pants at work?!

I got to experience a new kind of panic at work today- what to do when you pop the button off your pants {that you just bought yesterday!} in the middle of the day. Searching through my desk drawers I found nothing useful, I didn't want to staple them in case that damaged the fabric, but I didn't have a sewing kit, or time to go buy one.

Hmm, wire looks kinda like thread! So I searched in the lab and found some single stranded wire that's pretty small gauge (26 AWG maybe), and stripped off the insulation. I took a push-pin and poked a small hole where the button thread used to be, and pushed the wire through, somehow my plan is actually working! So I strung on the button, and poked another hole to go back through the pants, and then twisted the wire on the inside. Trim the wire and attempt to arrange so it doesn't scratch me for the rest of the day, and voila! Temporary fix!

Yeah, the picture is pretty awful, but I was doing all of this with my pants on, not so easy to take a good picture. Oh yeah, and I was hiding in my office, so trying to move as quickly as possible. So far so good, we shall see how this works out for the rest of the day....Needless to say, I will be bringing an emergency sewing kit to work tomorrow.

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