Sunday, March 18, 2012

Repurposing the old cabinets

Note- We actually did this a long time ago, but I just realized that I never finished the post!

Since we took down the cabinets over the island, we didn't want to trash them. So we decided to put them up in the garage for some extra storage (who doesn't need extra storage, right?). Greg's dad had told us the easiest way to do it would be to secure a 2x4 to the wall (in the studs, of course), then balance the cabinets on the 2x4 while one person screws the cabinets into the studs.Then you just screw the cabinets sides together for a little more sturdiness.
Leveling the 2x4 board.
You know the funny thing about cats? They can't stand to not be allowed to go somewhere, like a garage. So ours are constantly trying to run out the garage door, well Lion tries to get out any door, but they are both obsessed with the garage. So we gave in during this project and let them hang out with us in the garage (with the outer garage door closed of course so they can't escape). Trust me, it was much better than hearing their pathetic crying and whimpering from the other side of the door!

Lion wanted to inspect the cabinet

So of course then Nutmeg also had to inspect.

Finished product (well minus the cabinet doors that we still haven't put back on...)
Cost of the project? $0! Wahoo for free projects! The only things we used (other than the cabinets) were some drywall screws, which we always have on hand, and the scrap 2x4.

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