Monday, March 26, 2012

Super Secret Outdoor Project

It wasn't really intended to be super secret, but for some reason when my dad asked what we did all weekend, I decided to make it a secret :) Here's some teasers for this project-
  • It's outdoors, got that from the title right?
  • It's going to be awesome (duh!)
  • I have to sew something (scary!)
That's all you get for now. But let me tell you, after working on this thing for an entire weekend (counting getting the supplies), it's gonna be a long long project. It'll all make much more sense when we reveal the final project, and trust me it'll be worth the wait! It doesn't look like much right now, just a bunch of wood screwed together and large amounts of fabric spread everywhere....

Tonight, I'll be measuring out fabric and reading plenty about sewing.  My next post will be more about the sewing part of this project, which will at least give you a better idea of what we're doing. Unless you are a super sleuth and figure it out on your own!

Update- Below are links to future posts on this project!
 Post 1: Super Secret Outdoor Project- This Post!
 Post 2: Sewing a Pillow
 Post 3- infinity: ???

1 comment:

  1. Ok, now I'm even more curious! Can't wait to find out what ya'll are working on!


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