Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Beginnings

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.....
Yeah, I'm pretty excited about having our first tree. We have 2 cats, a 7 month old kitten and a 3 year old Maine Coon, so I'm also ecstatic that they tree is still standing after 5 days :)

Why are we starting a blog? Well, we like reading all of the other DIY blogs out there and think it will be interesting to document our own progress. And maybe we can help a few of you along the way. We bought our first home almost 2 weeks ago, and we moved in one week ago. We'll be posting more about the home on the House Tour in a few days, so check back there soon! And you can check our the About page now to learn more about us!

We've done a few simple projects so far, so we'll be blogging about them in the coming days, like painting our refridgerator with chalkboard paint, and turning our buffet into a coffee/alcohol bar. We've got some bigger projects on our to-do list, like painting the kitchen cabinets (maybe, we haven't decided yet), remodeling a bathroom, and then all kinds of outdoor projects once it gets warm again. We'll also share recipes and other activities along the way. Hope you'll join us!

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