Friday, February 17, 2012

Mission: DIY Cat Tree

Mission: DIY Cat Tree is short for "Mission: Keep the cats off the dining room table!" But that seemed too long to be a blog post title :)

Our cats, like most others, love to look out windows. Bird watching, squirrel watching, they love it all!
If I could only find a way out, I would so hunt
down those birds and eat them.
~Lionheart (the 20 pound Maine Coon)

Trust me, he trys to find a way out the door almost everyday, so I'm pretty sure that's what he's thinking. Little does he know that he wouldn't get his daily wet food.

Anyways, back on topic.....We want a small cat tree to put next to the dining room window, since that's where the cats [mainly Nutmeg] like to hang out and watch birdies. We already have one next to the french doors by the deck, which is also a favorite location for bird watching. I bought a cat tree probably 5 years ago when I first brought Kitty to Atlanta. She never cared much for it, and neither have Nutmeg and Lion. It's almost identical to this one available on Overstock. So 5 years of wear later, the top platform has been broken off, and it's a little wobbly. Plus it's huge and the only place we could find for it was next to the TV console in the basement, which encourages Nutmeg to run across it in his hyper fits, never a good thing!

So we deconstructed it a few nights ago and decided that we'll re-purpose it to build a new, nicer looking and probably small cat tree. Maybe we'll even turn it into 2 cat trees! These are some images I found online that we like-

So we'll see what ends up happening with the kitties and their bird watching. This project might take awhile to finish, we have soo much going on lately! Greg's parents are coming for a visit this weekend, and  next weekend Kristine and I are going to visit Kristin! And on a somewhat related note, check out another adorable video of Nutmeg playing golf! He's so tiny in the video, it was taken in July 2011.

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