Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Backyard Upgrade- Part 1: The Plan

We love grass. It's soft, colorful and pretty. Unlike the ground cover in our small backyard, rocks. Now that the raised area of our yard is pretty and nice looking with the vegetable garden, the drab brown rocks down below are even more noticeable. So along with building our outdoor seating unit, we are focusing on fixing up the lower area. We bought some Scott's EZ Seed a few weeks ago half price at Home Depot, it says it'll grow anywhere (even on concrete), so we'll be testing out that claim.

Our plan is to do a variation of a checkerboard pattern with 1' x 1' yard concrete tiles. Then plant grass in between and around each tile. Before we can do that though, we have to remove all (or at least most) of the rocks in the backyard, put them somewhere, till up the rock hard clay, and probably add in some new topsoil and compost. So that's all for now, just the plan :)

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