Saturday, May 19, 2012

Backyard Upgrade- Part 2: The Rocks & The Dirt

We shared our plan for the backyard (lower area) in this post. Then we made a 'test patch', kind of a way to see if we would like it and find out how much work it would be, etc. 

We decided to go with a checkerboard pattern, but with the grass all the way around the tiles. We used 4 bags of topsoil to level this area, and 6 tiles. So based on that our estimation is around 20 more bags of soil and 24 tiles.

So we started our 'test patch' probably 2 weekends ago, and didn't do much in between {family in town, life, working, etc}, so it gave us a good chance to watch the seed start to grow in. So obviously we'll need to add more seed to this area, but it's a good start and we are excited to see progress!

So where did we move the couple of hundred pounds of rock? Or should I say where did Greg move the rock? Well I helped, but only a little, I did other gardening activities. We only have one shovel.... Anyways, we moved them up to the upper area behind the garden. The rock looks so much better there and is nice ground cover for the dirt, hopefully it will also help prevent the kudzu from taking over again.

Today, we finished moving the rock and added all of the dirt and leveled it. We were pretty close on our estimation of dirt, it took 18 bags. So the plan for tomorrow is to get the tiles and lay them, and then wait for the grass to grow!

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