Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Smelly Kitty Litter Box - Part 2

So we're getting close to 4 months with our new litter box system. The cats love it (or at least we do!), the basement doesn't smell like a litter box anymore, and (most of) the litter is contained and not spread across the floor! So since it seems to be a success, here's what we've done now:

What we wanted to do was add-
  1. Trim around the outside of the hole
  2. A 'cat' door
  3. Hanging storage for the litter scoop and a few bags
Eventually, we want to add-
  1. A upholstered cushion on top
  2. Touch up the wood where it's been scratched
  3. Possible fix the hinge for the top (you can see that it's bent and destroyed) 

Cat Door
We headed over to Hancock fabric and got a subtle grey vinyl. Cut it to size using the cut out door as a model, then just glued it above the inside of the door. I'm not sure how much it actually helps with keeping smells in, but it does make it look nicer. Plus, the cats don't mind it. It's kind of cute actually, they peak in first to make sure it's not occupied before entering!

Door Trim

So we still haven't done this, we've had some many project going on, it's been impossible to get anything done! It'll happen eventually, so I'll do another update then. Hopefully that update will include a few more fixes/upgrades!

Litter Box Extension

The litter box we had originally put it there would probably be fine for one cat, but we have one massive cat (Lion) and one quickly growing kitten (Nutmeg)! We looked around forever for a storage box, or any kind of plastic box that were the right dimensions (less than 14" wide and as long as possible). Once we determined that no one makes boxes that size, we came up with the idea to get another box the same size as the original, and put them together. This almost doubled the length of the litter box! We tried gluing them together, but as of now, haven't had a great solution to attach them, so now they are mostly secured with pink duct tape. It's worked surprisingly well so far, but we're still trying to think of a better solution!

Litter Box Essentials
  • Litter scoop- Hanging on a hook on the wall near the entrance
  • Litter mat- Since the one we had goes up the walls of the chest, they kept falling over. So we added some garment snaps to keep it in place. Three snaps per side seems to hold pretty well.
  • Plastic bags for used litter- Originally we thought about adding storage inside the chest to hold plastic bags, but we didn't want to crowd them too much. For now we store them in a small trashcan next to the litter chest, but I saw a Pinterest project for storing them that I'll have to try!

Overall, the litter box chest has been amazing! It pretty much contains all the smell and keeps them from spreading litter everywhere.  The only time you really smell something is if your next to it and one of them decides to use it, but even then it's not too bad. Doing normal stuff like having an air freshener in the room helps too, of course.

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