Monday, April 23, 2012

Cute & Crazy Kitties

I've been trying to snap a lot of random pictures of our cats lately, and since they don't always make it into a post, I thought I'd share a lot of them here!
Lion hiding on the top shelf of the closet... no idea how he got there!
Nutmeg is helping assemble Greg's meat smoker
Lion loves tummy rubs!
Inspecting the cabinets before we hung them in the garage

Nutmeg also needed to inspect the cabinets to make sure Lion did a good job
Nutmeg has a weird obsession with the cardboard box of litter, he chews holes in them!
Cats and boxes.....

Old picture of Nutmeg- he was 2 weeks old!

Another old picture! He was only mildly destructive...

Passed out kitten!

He likes to drink out of human cups, so I put water in a coffee cup for him. I swear it wasn't coffee!

Nutmeg hiding in the box, he did this to himself!

So then Lion had to check out the box....

Lion sleeping in my travel bag....

Nutmeg playing with the piping for my sewing project & inhibiting me from getting a good picture!

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