Monday, April 2, 2012

Chalkboard Paint Margarita Glasses

So we've all seen the chalkboard projects on Pinterest, and the one with wine glasses is something I've been saying I was going to do for months now. And since we have left over chalkboard paint from this project, it should be super easy!

So this weekend is my friend Emilee's Bachlorette party, so I decided it would be a fun thing to make for everyone to take home with them, and since we're going to be drinking margaritas, I'm doing a chalkboard margarita glass! And since I wanted it to be at least a little bit of a surprise, I had to wait to post it til now, since I'm going to be headed to Savannah in a few minutes! Super excited! But back to the post....

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Margarita Glasses (or wine glasses, etc)
  • Foam brush
  • Painters tape (or you could use electrical tape like I did!)
  • Parchment paper

We had a quart of the chalkboard paint leftover,
 not the spray paint, so I went with a dunk and dry approach. To give a little more clarity on that- I taped off the portion I wanted to paint, then dunked it into the can of paint, then drip dried until the extreme excess was off. I also used the foam paintbrush to encourage the paint to drip down. This blog suggested letting everything drip down onto parchment paper before turning upside down to dry, so I did that too.  It worked okay, but it look so long to drip down that the bottoms were starting to dry to the parchment paper. So I ended up scraping some off with the foam brush and trying to smooth it out. They aren't perfect, but they are still pretty awesome!

 My tips-
  • Get chalkboard spray paint, it's got to be quicker and easier
  • Brush off excess paint on the first coat so it drys quicker
  • Don't let them sit on the parchment paper too long or they'll dry and the paint will peel off when you remove them!

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